Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Positive Side

I find it is far too easy to get caught up in thinking about the things I wish would improve in the world. So much so, that I find it distasteful when people continually focus only on the positive aspects of life and I often perceive it as blindness and denial. A part of me despises such indifference and ignorance to the suffering of others while another part of me longs for such simplicity in the enjoyment of life. To be free of such a burden of concern would be amazing if not entirely cold-hearted and selfish. And yet, focusing only on negativity does no amount of good to anyone. I feel like it should--it should be a great motivator--but it is not. The fact that it is not is all the more frustrating, and yet it is all the more reason I need to learn to focus on more enjoyable things.

I must learn to balance for my own sake as well as for the sake of others. No matter how right a person might be, if a person is naught but negative, if helps very little. So to offset my years of focusing on what needs changed with the world, I have decide to take a brief moment to reflect on what is already beautiful and perfect. Perhaps I can find solace in the reminder that despite the innumerably horrific events transpiring this very second, there is also peace, and love, and kindness abounding elsewhere. Neither side of good and bad should be ignored for the other. Despite my tendency to stop the pendulum in most matters of life, in this I have failed miserably and have swung the pendulum as far to the other end as it goes. I will now take some time to ponder the other side--to forego what needs changed, and to enjoy what is good already.

I love the sound of rustling leaves as they dance through the wood following the whimsical nature of the wind. With a warm breeze and a blue sky, I could sit and listen forever while chipmunks and squirrels play tag and birds chirp their ever-joyous melodies. The smell of nature envelops me as I am for once in my life entirely content with my insignificance amongst the giants of trees gently creaking and whispering around me. Camping brings a calmness and clarity to my soul as I hear fires crackling and faint voices in the distance as people enjoy simply being. A tent zipping up resonates serenity, simplicity, and quiet friendships. Water can be heard trickling, splashing, and rushing as it traverses the winding path it has carved only a few yards away.

Peace. I absolutely love the sound of peace. Cars and complaints are a distant memory as I soak in the null sounds of nothingness. Yet, as if to complement peace, I love rocking out to powerful music. When an artist expresses that perfect sentiment with a powerful rhythm, life flushes throughout my body. The bass takes place of my heart beat as energy comes swirling in from around me and enters my body. I sing along as worries melt within me and evaporate. Some songs perfectly express my thoughts such that my heart leaps with joy knowing that someone understands what I am thinking or feeling. Music can spur thoughts and creativity while burning-in a hope and a passion.

Nothing matches the feeling of a passion shared. To discuss topics greater than myself in depth with a friend is powerful and moving. Such discourse radiates a care and concern for each other and proudly exclaims, "You are worth my time, my energy, and my thoughts--your words hold value to me." I could talk for hours with a friend who understands me and shares my interests in philosophy, activism, and the deeper contemplations of reality, existence, and the infinite depths of space.

Space. Where imagination runs wild. Infinite possibilities. What creatures lurk in the farthest reaches of the blackest abyss? What beauties untold lie at the edge of comprehension? What technologies await to be discovered and feats of mankind to be achieved? What is possible? What is impossible? What could be and what could have been? The questions and mysteries to unlock are appealing, amazing, and inspiring. Movies and television shows like Star Trek allude to the numerous possibilities of life, existence, and the multitude of possible reinterpretations of events past. So much wonder and so many revelations to be beheld, it boggles the mind with awe.

The being an instrument of joy to others or the hand of help in a time of need brings purpose to my life. Knowing that I have provided a smile to a person's face confirms value to my existence and enriches the life of others. I love seeing genuine displays of affection, love, and concern on a bright and sunny face, or to feel the embrace of one I love and who loves me. I love passion to do what is right and a willingness to lift a hand and support those who need it most. Selflessness, kindness, compassion, and an even temperament are as refreshing as a cold spring on a hot day.

I love creativity and detailed graphical artistry. The realism in video games and digitally enhanced videos is amazing and gratifying. I enjoy taking something old and making it unique and new--seeing outside the box and finding a new purpose or application. I applaud the profundity of words eloquently chosen to express a thought clearly and precisely to all who hear while revealing a powerful truth.

I am fascinated by the energy and innocence of youth unhindered. To see them smile and laugh at the simplest of pleasures is relaxing and uplifting if not perplexing. The sweetest sound in the world might very well be the laughter of a child, and the most profound emotion arising from the deepest guffaws with a friend. Laughter with a friend might very well be the best of all things I love, and yet balance is always the best underlying joy. If not for the serenity of peace, music would lose its power. Balance of mind is a beautify thing and balance of body can demonstrate such tranquility. Balance in opinions, thoughts, and actions can bring ever more joy and satisfaction. There are many such things I love in life and I recognize that I just might be better off for giving them more attention while not neglecting my passion to make a difference.

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