Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Other Side

None dare enter, and why should they try?
It's a mountain of darkness presiding inside.
Choking gases and fog growing ever more dense
No joy, only pain, and it grips so intense
A loneliness naught to be comprehended
Expression of thus is ne'er apprehended
People abound yet there's no one around
Silly notion so it seems, silly notion so it sounds.
Glib words and retorts breed forth a great fear
That all of the woes are true and quite near
No place for a voice nor a whisper to soothe
Condemnation's apparent lack of care this doth prove
Hiding in shadows with spotlights aimed true
One cannot escape, enveloped in blue
Such a problem beheld always viewed from the back
What is the deal, what is the lack?
To try is to fail with ever more gruff
So many fads, take a look, the skin's just not tough
Bobble heads, all, which shake on a truck
Applause is unheard, eyes roll, good luck
Blank stare, bored face, uncomfortable gaze
Chin up, buck up, be not so crazed
Drugged, plugged, emotionally mugged
Spiraling spirit, as if phallicly slugged
Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer
Happy getting happier and sad, sad still more
Downers are drowners and worth not an ear
Hallmark lies, sweet lies, to this do they steer
Shrugs over hugs, sports and weather uplifted
Big talk's a waste, data cannot be sifted
Enter not to the woes of another position
Think not of the ways, their ways, you are missin'
Don't stop for a second don't dare start to listen
The match need not facts, the match is for pissin'

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