Monday, March 14, 2016

The Drumpf of Floxtown

Once upon a time, a long time ago
The Flox had it bad and it went just like so

It started in Floxtown, a small little place
Where they harvested floxom, a metal from space

Everyone gathered as much as they could
The Flox who tried harder got more as they should

The Flox traded floxom for toys and for bread
Some would get floxom for thoughts in their head

So long as a Flox had something to sell
They gave and got floxom and all went quite well

But one day it crumbled and Floxtown went sour
When one terrible Flox learned how to get power

This one little Flox had floxom to spare
His mom named him Drumpf and he hadn't a care

With Floxom aplenty he spent to make more
By giving out loans to Flox who were poor

If poor Flox spent wisely, they'd pay off their debt
But more than the loan much to their regret

This extra they paid came from others, of course,
And Drumpf got yet more and more in great force

Over time Drumpf had earned nearly all floxom found
He then paid for laws to keep safe and sound

Some Flox got wise, oh yes, they found out
That they had not a chance and they started to shout

Floxom they earned would come from the others
Rarely from Drumpf yet oft from their brothers

Floxom would move from one Flox to next
But Drumpf would make more leaving less for the rest

Scoffing and mocking Drumpf shouted as well
"I work hard for my floxom! Get away, you smell!"

Drumpf started writing and posting throughout
"Beware of the Commie-Flox who do nothing but pout!"

"They hide in the shadows, lift no hand to work,
They'll steal hard-earned floxom as they quietly lurk!"

"If you try really hard, you can be just like me
But they want it all and they want it for free!"

"The reason you struggle and the reason you're poor
Is Flox like these Flox who always want more!"

The Flox were now fearful after reading the posts
So rather than Drumpf, they feared wise Flox the most.

The wise Flox tried saying "That's not at all true!
We work long hard hours, we are all just like you!"

"But think for a second, how can you compete
When we are all struggling just making ends meet?"

They tried to explain with their voices sincere
But Drumpf's voice rang out far louder and clear

No floxom themselves, the wise Flox seemed lost
They could not post posters at such a high cost

Flox could all say what they want, what they will,
But Drumpf could speak loudest by paying a bill 

Forever mistaken and misunderstood
The wise Flox were helpless to do any good

Drumpf spoke all he wanted and tricked all the Flox
To vote into power himself, the sly fox.

The times got worse, and worse they got
But little by little the wise grew a lot

Growing in numbers, the Flox shouted loud
Revealing the truth and removing the shroud

But what could they do with a system in place
To keep Drumpf secure and their needs erased?

That's when he appeared, a savior for Flox
He rallied the wise and spoke on a box

"It's not right," said this Flox, "It's quite wrong," he contended
"Look at me, I'm so rich, I rule the world," he pretended

"All Flox need a chance, we all need to eat
We need education, our health, and our sleep.

"We cannot continue no matter how hard we try,
If we keep on like this even Drumpf will soon die.

"Floxom means nothing if we Flox can't survive
What will Drumpf do when there's nothing to buy?

"Together we live and can reach for the sky,
No more sleeping in mud if together we try!

"My name is Bernie and I'll clean up this mess
Rally 'round me and I'll do my best!"

Drumpf was now silenced and his words did no good
The Flox got together and booed where he stood

Bernie was voted to be the next ruler
He cut down bad laws that were made by the fooler

He made things more fair for each Flox alive
So no Flox just lived, no, now they thrived.

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