Friday, December 4, 2015

Christianity is Too Biased to Fail

As I sat listening to a Christian song forced upon me by one who likely considers herself to be evangelizing to the evil heathens who ride in her shuttle van, I had a slight epiphany: Christianity is too biased to fail. The song goes on about the goodness of God to help in times of need and my immediate thought is how much crap that is despite having been suckered into believing it myself for many years. Plenty of people go without the help they need. Perhaps, I reasoned, this lady needs a lesson in everything failing on her. I considered slashing her tires to help aid in this endeavor but then realized that this would then be persecuting a Christian (not to mention destroying my career). If things start failing in her life, it would be nothing more than persecution from the devil himself even if not from me. It would not be an indication of God's unfaithfulness whatsoever.

If good things happen, it is God's faithfulness. If bad things happen, it is persecution or trials to be withstood. Even severe troubles means nothing. God will never give you more than you can bear. Of course, if you die from what was given you, then this is a good thing. So even if you technically were given more than you could physically bear, it is seen as a blessing to unite with God in the afterlife. If all your children die when your house burns down, they are in heaven, you are still alive, and you can continue as God gives the strength. He is still good despite murdering your family. It cannot be proven wrong. God is thus always faithful and it is impossible to prove otherwise even when he does not exist to begin with. We might as well say flying pixie unicorns are always faithful. Prove me wrong!

Even when it comes to simple reasoning, we cannot prove Christianity wrong. This is because the logic of man is foolishness and the foolishness of God is wisdom. It is written right in their book. So whatever proves them wrong is merely incomprehensible to them and thus proof of the Bible's veracity. All the logic in the world could not prove the Bible wrong because it simply makes for man's wisdom which is obviously flawed even when perfect. And when people indicate the foolishness of obedience to the Bible, it simply makes the Bible all the more accurate because it was foretold that everyone would think it is foolish. Logic is rendered useless.

I only know of one futile and useless arrow left in the quiver to strike down the lies of such a faith and that is mere scorn. Mock and jeer at the ridiculousness of such a religion and maybe they will feel embarrassed enough to give it some thought and forget the whole thing. Unfortunately, there are far too many stories in the Bible indicating that all the evil heathens mocked and jeered the faithful believers only to be smitten and destroyed by God. It is foretold, expected, and useless to mock and jeer. There is nothing to be done. We cannot fight against Christianity. Any response, any retort, any logical interface from a non-believer to a believer is entirely useless. There is only one thing we can do: nothing. Christianity is simply too biased to fail.

Since we have no weapons at our disposal to combat those stuck in the religion forced upon them by their culture and surroundings, the only thing we can do is ignore their religion as unimportant and provide a better way of life via example. Live out love as an atheist and the Christians will become confused. If they are not attacked by atheists and the atheists are living happier and more fulfilling and loving lives, then what the heck are they doing with this Jesus fellow? Why are they praying when nothing happens and all the atheists are being cured by seeking science and going to doctors without also being evil to their core? Being rude and immoral is a great way to continue the bias of Christianity and any benefits could be the cost of selling out to the devil, but providing a better way of life without attacking or demonstrated immorality is sure to turn some heads. Ignore, move on, demonstrate a better lifestyle. Unless a Christian is actively seeking further information and truly considering the possibility of their religion being false, I presume that this is all we can hope to do.

A person must seek to find. It is one of the great mottoes of the Bible. Of course, it is also the motto of bias. If you seek a particular result, you will find it. That is why double-blind studies were devised. There is no double-blind when it comes to faith. If you're looking for a sign, you will indeed find one.  If you "give God a chance" you just might "find" him. And oddly enough, he will tell you what you want to hear or what you expect to hear. A Christian must be actively seeking truth in order to come out of their faith. If they are not seeking, there is no hope but to engender a curiosity or even a jealousy of those better off than they who have not traded their soul to the devil and yet deny their faith. That proposition is all the more difficult when certain moral acts are considered immoral by many Christians (i.e. homosexuality and abortion). This is all the more reason to keep pure and loving in all the other ways of our lives. Be loving, kind, compassionate, patient, reasonable, and giving. Be considerate with words and respectful of ideas. If we give no indication of immorality in other ways, it lends to support that even tolerance of homosexuality just might very well be moral as well. And when the atheists live better lives than the Christians, it is bound to raise some questions and prompt some truth-seeking. Without the seeking of truth, Christianity is just too darn biased to be argued with.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Work-Life Assimilation

It only just occurred to me a couple days ago that perhaps my workplace should be where I feel the most belonging. Up to this point, I had actually tried to ensure just the opposite. I tried to keep work at work and life outside of work. My career merely enabled me to live my life and had little to do with life itself. I needed money to survive and to pursue all my hopes and dreams which clearly had nothing to do with my work.

I am interested in many things outside of work. I am interested in writing, science, psychology, gaming, and everything else under the sun which has nothing to do with car manufacturing. I constantly feel as if I do not have enough time and energy to pursue the things I love and I am constantly frustrated that I have no dedicated friends or family that I feel a strong belonging to or that truly care about my extracurricular endeavors. Some people have churches or other organizations where they have an integral part of something bigger than themselves and I have nothing. And yet, where can I feel more connected than at work?

I dream about being the next Einstein, Hawking, or Stephen King, and yet I have no dreams about what I do for a living. Perhaps it is time that I dream about being the best I can be wherever I am and utilizing my skills where I find myself rather than wishing I could use my skills elsewhere. I see the people I work with nearly every day--who better to feel connected to? Why should they not be my life? Why not share with them my hopes and dreams and extracurricular endeavors?

I am somewhat torn on this thought, however. I have purposefully tried to keep friendship out of the workplace (while still being wholly kind and supportive, of course). The intent was to prevent personal feelings and interactions from influencing decisions--mine or otherwise. I would not want to be ostracized due to my political or religious beliefs and I would not wish to give someone preferential treatment who shares my opinions. I would not want raises to go to the best of friends, but rather to those who do the best work. And if I find a new place to work, I would prefer to not have the difficulty of leaving friends--they might feel slighted and I might feel sad. Without belonging, I could simply keep it a professional relationship centered around money and benefits and simply up and leave whenever something else suits me better.

But what does this truly afford me? I presume it only lends me to loneliness and lack of great achievement. The main thing I want in life is to feel useful in the eyes of others. I want to know that I contributed to society in a meaningful way. I never considered my contributions to my workplace to be anywhere remotely close to contributions to society, but there it is. Cars really are pretty awesome. And it takes quite a few people to make them. As a society, we can make some pretty sweet things and indeed I am helping to do that. The only thing that bugs me is that the cars will continue to be made even if I went somewhere else. I am naught but a replaceable cog in a superbly giant machine. I would like to be an irreplaceable and priceless cog. A cog that supremely matters. But that is the rub in life, is it not? None of us truly matter. Even if Einstein had never been born, surely someone else would have come to take his place and bring us to the same developments over time. No one is truly irreplaceable. Each significant person merely appeared at the right place at the right time. Thus, if we wish to be special, we should probably focus on our place at our time and try to be special right here and now. It likely cannot be any other way.

It truly begs a question, however. If I am passionate about things that are not work-related and I cannot feel belonging with my passions through my friends and family, do I try to bring these passions to work? Perhaps if I build strong relationships at work, my passions can be shared and become more fulfilling. Or do I simply give them up and let work become my passion? As a third option, do I simply find a new job which aligns with one of my passions so I can feel greater belonging in the things I care about most? This would certainly come with a pay cut, but perhaps it would accompany significant life satisfaction. Perhaps I will try the first and begin to share myself more at work. I will try to make some friends. The worst that could happen is that I am forced into the third option of finding a new career. The best that could happen is a sincere feeling of belong. The moderate affect might be that I decide it is a bad idea and perhaps trying out option two.

What do you think is best?

1. Befriend collegues and share passions at work.
2. Make work one's passion.
3. Make passions one's work.
4. Keep work and passions entirely separate.
5. Something else?