Friday, October 2, 2015

Don't Share This

Opinions. Everyone has them. Everyone freely shares them. We likely do not even want to hear most of them. Those that we do hear, quite often disagree with our own opinions and generally make us roll our eyes and either bite our tongues or engage in fiery and annoying debate. Very few people are interested in the shallow opinions of another person. You think there is a God? Great. I got it. Stop telling me. You think there is no God? Great. Stop telling me. Yes, I know your stance on gun control, abortion, politics, and all other social issues. I totally know where you stand. I will not soon be changing my own opinions based upon your quip with an image of a puppy or a presidential candidate with a photo-shopped mustache and nazi symbol. I will not soon change my opinion based upon the linking of an article. The only thing that will change is who I follow on Facebook. And my list is beginning to shrink rapidly.

I have struggled for some time with trying to change the world by sharing my particularly unique perspective on many issues. Usually, this perspective is in the opposing view of anything anyone has ever posted. I certainly mean well, but oddly enough, very few people realize that I want something more than to spout my arguments and hate all that others have done and said. My goal has been peace and it has wrought many more hateful and hurtful comments and only those who already agree with my perspectives appear to think it is great. I hold on hope that others viewing might see some amount of reason, but in the end, I am just not sure that it is worth it. These "social issues" that I keep fighting for appear to simply be a kind way of saying, "bitching about other people's problems."

I always viewed my diligence in writing, responding, and communicating patiently with people as a rather altruistic thing to do. Someone needs to patiently explain things. And yet, most everyone on the planet is quite willing to provide their own opinions about things. There is nothing unique or altruistic about one more person being willing to flame their viewpoints. Nothing. Facebook appears as a mash of opinionated and drunken buffoons all spouting their ignorance because they are so much more superior to others with their keen intellect and ideas. Everyone thinks they have got things figured out and that everyone else is retarded for thinking anything differently. It is anything but unique and is the farthest thing from altruistic.

On that note, I am going to try my darned-freaking hardest to stop. I will not share my opinions. I will not retweet, repost, and reshare the stupid memes, articles, and videos that once again regurgitate the exact same sentiments I believe and have seen and heard a thousand times over. I will no longer even comment on the posts of others who do. Instead, I will focus on ignoring and removing such things from my view so that I am not overcome with a strong urge to enforce my wisdom upon others. I debate whether or not to even blog my opinions and share them on Facebook. I probably still will, but I do find this far more tasteful. If someone takes the time to formulate an argument and write something more than a few disparaging remarks at others who think differently than themselves, then perhaps they are worth a read. And if such people are not constantly blasting their opinions out of every orifice, their writing will seem that much more valuable. So I will try that approach.

On that note, I urge you not to share this unless you intend to do so with some thoughtful words of your own to accompany it. I am sick of blind reshares. If I wanted to see what other people are posting, I would be following them instead. I follow those whose own ideas I wish to see, not who spews forth the ideas of others and adding no extra cent of themselves. Be genuine and share yourself, not others.

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