Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Daily Grind

Every morning's all the same
Alarm goes off, resounds in brain
Half asleep and half like-dead
She doesn't stir or turn her head
He moves his hand, caresses skin
Cuddles close and hopes for grin
If ever she decides to budge
She grunts and turns and flames a grudge

Defeated, reaches for his cell
Reads some news, no one to tell
Plays a game and yawns his joy
What a sad and lonely boy
Time does pass and minutes linger
He swipes the screen with limp-like finger
Tries again to rouse his friend
Her mind is set, she will not bend

Minutes left, rises to feet
Takes a shower and lets cat eat
Sits in chair and ponders life
Longs to be with loving wife
Child awakes and runs to mom
Jumps in bed like atomic bomb
Kicks and cries and makes a fuss
Mom just smiles with kiss and mush

Sullenly he ties his shoes
Sighs a breath amid his blues
Drives to work and sits in chair
Offers emails glossy stare
Glazes over in boring meeting
Words and thoughts are ever fleeting
Smiles and nods as if clued in
Without the slightest clue within

Lunch time comes, he eats alone
Gets a message on his phone
So sorry that again she slept
Cannot fathom why she's inept
Tiredness she cannot beat
Except, of course, for little feet
Rolls his eyes, gets back to work
Not quite sure which one's the jerk

Depleted of energy he never had
Returns back home to be a dad
Kids are crying, mom's upset
House is wrecked, the floor is wet
Dinner's made, kids aren't glad
They're made to eat now all are mad
Retreats away to avoid the din
Frustrations grows, looms, and thickens

No zeal to play, the mojo died
Chores aren't done, the kids all cried
Blankly stares while others engage
In things all bought with his earned wage
Tired and weary retreats to bed
Kids are allowed to kick his head
Angrily asks she get them away
And tries to sleep to start the next day.

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