Monday, July 6, 2015

It is a Shame Few Will Share This

It is a shame that few people will share this, but if you do not then clearly you are evil and bound for hell. I have seen many memes along the lines of this sentiment. Most often, they are religious in nature where they appeal to one's faith and indicate that they are not faithful or that they are ashamed of their faith if they do not share. It surprises me how many people do not simply scoff and refuse to share such things knowing that it has nothing to do with their faith and everything to do with their refusal to be manipulated.

It makes sense, however, that these are religious in nature since most religious people tend to be fear-oriented. They fear hell and they fear rejecting God. The fear is set strong and hard so much so that they dare not question their faith and anyone doing so is quickly lambasted with insult rather than responded to with logic and reason. Such people are easily coerced into all kinds of foolish behaviors including voting against their best interests.

The Republican party is quite versed in its fear-based tactics. They appeal to the religious nature of the masses and indicate that they are the Godly party because they fight against abortion and gays. What is interesting, however, is how much they uplift the wealthy and do not help the poor. Jesus' 3-year mission was all about helping the poor and he rarely mentioned anything regarding sex whatsoever. He certainly never mentioned anything about homosexuality or abortion specifically. When it comes to morality, whether or not we agree eye to eye on these things, there is a greater evil occurring right before our eyes but the religious are slow to see it.

Religious people are too quickly caught up in the rhetoric of fear. The Mexicans are taking our jobs, the Muslims are infiltrating our country, ISIS is going to kill us all, and the gays are going to have God destroying our country like Sodom and Gomorrah. Oddly enough, Ezekiel 16:49 claims the reason for Sodom's destruction had more to do with lack of concern for the poor than any sexual misconduct: "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."

But fear works. It works too well. It is time to realize that our country will be destroyed economically by uplifting the Pharisaical Republicans who destroy widows houses and make a show of their religion long before God destroys us for any perceived immorality of a sexual nature. We need to realize that Jesus cared for the poor and did not provide a stipulation of worrying about those cheating the system. Jesus recognized that the poor were oppressed by the rich and not the other way around. There might be people here and there that abuse the system, but that does not mean we ought to vote in favor of the rich at our own suffering and that of the 99% of people. If you are worried about God, let God deal with the system-abusers. Meanwhile, let us do what we ought and help those in need: the poor and middle class. Jesus would have been a Democrat much sooner than a Republican by today's party definitions. The Republican party is equivalent to the party of the Pharisees from Jesus' day.

It is a shame that few Christians will understand this, but if they love Jesus and truly care for this country, then they will drop the Pharisaical Republican party and vote in line of helping the poor and the 99% over the top 1%. Our nation can be great, but we need to focus on loving the 99% more than on our fears of invaders and being taken advantage of. The more we vote Republican, the more we guarantee being taken advantage of by the rich. It must stop. The wealthy have enough power and it is time to bring a voice back to the people. If you care at all for the direction of our country, share this with as many people as you can. And if you do not share this, then you will have bad luck for 10 years and all your loved ones will suffer crazy ailments but if you do share then you will receive money within the next month and Jesus will be happy and mana will probably fall from heaven and everyone will be happy. Remember, if you love Jesus, you will share. But, if you hate him, then just ignore this like everyone else.

(note: the threats and promises are intended to be obviously facetious and are not to be taken literally. Still, if you love Jesus...)

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