Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Future Prospects of a Dad

Do you ever wonder what your kids will say
When your face is wrinkled and your hair is gray,
They've moved on far out of the way
And you will not see them most every day?

Will they reminisce of the times you've had,
Remember you as the world's greatest dad,
Have nothing to say that you'd feel is bad
And gloat about living with someone so rad?

Or will they forget and be glad to leave
While thoughts of you give cause to grieve
Wondering why for all you believe
And consider you old, crude, and naive?

Do you do the things you say you'll do
Make it a point to follow through
So when they are gone they'll remember you
And remember when they were your buckaroo?

Or say you one thing yet do another
Make them think "Yeah, right. Oh, brother."
They feel as if in lies they're smothered
And find acceptance in childhood lovers?

Do you try to get within their mind
Understand their thoughts when they're in a bind
Help their way, when lost, to find
Be a guiding light with a manner that's kind?

Or do you scoff with their foolish plight
Retort in anger and provide only fright
Remind them their youth and your great might
Pretending that your ideas are always right?

Are you a friend who shows them interest
Perhaps even follow if they're on Pinterest
Encourage their work, their art, their joys
Even if there is an obvious flaw in their work?

Well think of it now for in some years
You must consider if there be good or bad tears
From a heart that is filled with glee and cheers
Or a belly that's bitter and a liver of beers

Perhaps the time's past, perhaps it is gone
Your kids think of you and they muster a yawn
You gripe and you moan as you sit on your lawn
You've already lost at least one of your spawn

Well it's up to you if you care to try
It's not always easy if they've gone and said bye
It does no good if your faults you deny
But a lot can be mended if you stop on by

Just realize a mindset is hard to change
After years of shaping and your brain is deranged
It's not impossible after you've been estranged
But not everyone benefits from such an exchange

That's why it is better to consider now
Before they're grown up and set their hands to the plow
Do you let them be them? Is this allowed?
Or do you treat them like one of the cows?

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