Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election Day Is Too Late To Vote

Many Americans are proud of democracy and they encourage everyone to vote come election day. We are fed the concept that our voice matters and that we must vote in order to be heard. But I contend that election day is too late to vote. Come election day, your opinion no longer matters. Minds have been made up and people will vote not for candidates, but for the best political campaign. It has been an outstanding joke for decades that we vote for the lesser of two evils and yet our system has not improved. Everyone knows that it is the rich who get voted for because it is the rich who can bring about the best campaign. And the richest people, of course, are those in the pockets of big business who bring low the very people voting for them. We call this democracy? We call this good? I call it brainwashing and voting for the best brain-washers.

Any party who is not red or blue is an absolute joke. Write-ins are so useless that they are not even a funny joke. There is nothing to be proud of by going to a poll and voting. Not that we should not do it, of course, since votes are still needed, but if that is all we are doing then we are making a fool of democracy. By the time the polls are open, everything has already been set in motion. The previous years of media and the campaign ads have already had their full effect on the masses. The best campaign is already sure to win. If we think we are going to make a difference by putting our single vote toward what we think is best, we are absolutely fooling ourselves. No, we must vote before the elections and before the campaigns. We must vote with our values, our time, our effort, and especially our money.

The only way an individual vote counts is if it spreads to thousands of other people. This cannot occur without a true voice speaking out about what we value and why. We cannot hide in our houses and watch the world crumble then decide to vote and hope to make a change. The real change happens on a day to day basis. If we think that education in America is terrible, then we need to put effort into voicing this concept along with potential alternatives and hope it virally sweeps the nation so that big corporations wishing to make a buck by showing Americans what they want to see will pick up on it and advocate it all the more. You see, if we as Americans all want shows filled with fluffy bunnies and unicorns, the media will give that to us. If we want wars, fighting, killing, drama and suspense, they will give us that. But if we want values, love, fairness, equality, and well-being, our media will just as easily switch to that and give us what we truly desire.

Media panders to trends and makes trends more trendy. If we start a new trend of values, the media can and will make it all the more popular. When this happens, people will then vote based upon these new-found values. The party lines will then choose candidates that will best appeal to these trends and they will focus more on those values. Then, and only then, can we vote for someone worthwhile. Come election day, it is far too late to vote. We must vote daily and purposefully by rejecting trashy media, hearsay, false science, idiocy, rudeness, and the like. We must be vocal with such things while uplifting patience, education, kindness, intelligence, and other positive values. That is where the real power in voting exists. We vote with our time, our money, and our voices daily. Election day is too late. We must vote with our lives.

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