Tuesday, March 11, 2014

America the Great Court Jester

Dear America,

I just wanted to say I laughed when I watched your cat videos and saw your slew of emo memes and first-world-problems. I’ve seen your comics and I find them quite witty and hilarious. I’ve watched your movies, your tv shows, and your vlogs. I’ve listened to your music which is mimicked throughout the world. You’re a great group of comics and entertainers. And rather creative too! Turning paper into 3D models and quilting pixelated images of your favorite childhood video games; it’s great. That’s going to be a lot harder for the next generation, though, with their 1080p Skylanders and what have you!

So when it comes to entertainment… man, America: you’re the boss! You’ve got it nailed. I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m on the edge of my seat. You’ve successfully mastered the art of attention. You’ve won. You’re officially the best... court jester. Though it should be said that your Emperor has No Clothes and I’m not sure you do either.

You see, when it comes to politics, I’m not laughing. I’m not on the edge of my seat. Rather, I’m sitting back shaking my head with a virtual tear running down my cheek while mini-violins play sad songs. Your witty jabs demeaning the intelligence of one another for the sole crime of holding an opinion different than yours is not only foolish, it’s disgusting. Your politics engage me as much as would a group of Neanderthal stooges hitting each other with clubs and providing the great pleasure of voting on Larry, Moe, or Curly. Your presidents can’t even escape the whimsy of ridiculing an opponent for a differing opinion. When are you all going to grow up?

Now I know that this doesn’t apply to absolutely everyone and I’m sure most of you think I’m talking about someone else anyway. But let’s have an ongoing and eternal conversation, America. Let’s put emotions to the side and let’s simply look at facts. Instead of sharing and tweeting the latest bash of incredulity that the latest pundit retorted about the current incumbents and would-be presidents, how about you simply ask why they hold such an opinion and discuss in a mature manner if the opinion holds any valid truths and merit. People don’t just draw a belief out of a hat, they make it up by their own unique experiences in life. Some experiences provide invalid facts. If their facts are wrong, so will be their conclusions. So if they make a seemingly foolish conclusion, they are likely erring either in some facts provided by others or else are misguided by their lack of education in the process of logic. This is nothing to ridicule, this is a chance to demonstrate kindness and understanding in the uniqueness of how we’re all put together. Isn’t that what America stands for? Freedom in our diversity?

Come on, let’s put creativity to good use and encourage people to stop and think. Encourage people to seek true wisdom rather than headlines and useless trivia. Ridicule doesn’t change minds; it strengthens the positions of both sides so that they’re even more fiercely at odds with one another. Do you want to be torn left to right forever? Why pick a side so far from one another when you can stand near the center and simply discuss facts rather than lobbing insults from a distance?

You only have until 2016 to decide your next presidential fate. Have some conversations and decide what truly matters, what truly works, and what truly does not work. If you continue to vote for the best smooth-talker via the media outlet that spoon feeds you misleading headlines of dung-thrashing, you’re not going to be any better off than you are today. The office needs more than college education and more than smooth-talking. It needs wisdom. So take these next two years to learn what wisdom is and ensure that everyone else knows what it is. That way, when the time comes you can recognize who is wise and vote for them. Only wisdom can rescue you at this point.

If you understand and agree with what I’m saying, I urge you to share. We must become vocal about our desire for unemotional conversation and seeking out wisdom. Let’s make wise decisions and promote it from the rooftops. Only when wisdom is more esteemed than slapstick humor will we find the majority of people making wise decisions. As it is, the majority will always vote for the most influential person despite logic and reasoning. Let’s change that. Use your mass social media and decide for yourself who should rule your nation. Don’t let the corporations decide what’s best for their wallets through their sponsored news outlets. YOU CHOOSE. You are powerful America. Show the world!

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