Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street's Only Choice: Recession

I find Occupy Wall Street to be an interesting movement. I don't really know too much about it, but it sounds like those within the movement might know just as much! Supposedly, this is one of the main purposes of it all. They're fed up with corporate greed and the huge gap in economic class, but they currently don't know much of what to do about it. There's many voices, many complaints, many differing demands (or concepts for demands), but no clear picture.

Personally, I find this all quite delightful. I'm glad people are recognizing that a problem exists. If they leave it right there, however, it will only ever remain a problem with a bunch of angry people. From what I've heard according to one particular article, the movement has a lot of discussion and they're educating one another surrounding the issues at hand. Hopefully this is then leading to greater understanding and potentially future consensus on what the problem truly is and thus how to correct it. 

In my opinion, if you can truly nail down the problem, then the solution is fairly simply. The solution is "not the problem" from a logical standpoint. If the problem is X, then the solution is ~X. Many people have expressed with much agreement that the problem is Corporate Greed. This is close to understanding the problem but it lacks one very important truth. Corporations do not have thoughts, feelings, desires, or anything of that nature. A corporation cannot have "Greed." We must understand that the problem is best recognized without the adjective. The problem is Greed alone. Greed is something that humans have, not corporations. The problem is the people leading the corporations through their Greed.

So if Greed is the problem, then what is the solution? Well, most people aren't going to like the solution because it is obviously "Not Greed." Perhaps we're more familiar with the terms "Sharing" or "Selflessness." Perhaps a statement is more fitting: "Putting others before yourself" or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is indeed the solution. People need to begin living lives according to these principles if we're to have success. Without promoting these core concepts, the Occupy Wall Street movement will never be successful by any means.

The greatest issue with such a solution, however, is that it absolutely cannot be enforced. This would be called Communism, and we are all quite familiar with such ills. It must be done out of our own free will and out of the kindness of our own hearts (which many appear to be running dry on today). The very concept of Economy is indeed centered around the concept of Greed. You cannot take Greed away without removing Economy all together. Economy is bent around making money which naturally means taking it from someone else. To take someone else's money is obviously a thought for self and not a thought for others. It is the opposite of sharing--which is Greed--and is the core of what Economy is. Economy is the essence of competition which means getting someone else's money at the expense of someone else getting someone else's money. It's nothing but Greed from the beginning.

So how can we blame any corporation or CEO for being Greedy? That's what business is! That's what Economy is founded on! To destroy such "evils" of Greed is to destroy Economy all together. Sounds dangerous. And it surely is in a world filled with selfish people. Economy is the only way selfish people can survive. It's a worldwide Quid Pro Quo: "You give me these hours of your time and I'll give you this much money." The only place that kindness has is simply the terms. Perhaps one company can be more generous with their wages than others, but really this is still under a competitive nature of obtaining the best talent while not going broke and making all the effort worthwhile. Do you think companies make products out of the kindness of their hearts to advance technology and make people happy? Heck no. Those are all by-products of making money. People want the things that make them happy and advance technology and so that's what they make to earn a buck. 

The economy cannot disappear. It needs to stick around because people will indeed remain greedy. We cannot change the greediness of other people's hearts. We also cannot make laws to make people less greedy lest we border on Communism and incite violent riots to break out. So what's the solution? It starts with each of us and it also starts with laws needing changed. We don't need to add or change laws to reduce greediness, but we need to add and change laws to allow sharing. I don't mean laws to promote sharing, but to actually allow it. When people begin mass sharing, this will have a huge impact on economy and indeed it will begin to decline and even collapse proportionally to the amount of sharing. It will indeed look like a recession from a statistical standpoint, but, for those who are participating in the sharing, it will be a glorious time of prosperity where no needs go unmet. So you see, those who give up Greed will in essence be benefited, while those who promote and live off Greed will be punished. This is exactly what we want and what should take place. Of course, you should expect the Greedy to then hate the Giving since we would, in essence, be stealing away their livelihood. 

You want change? Well, it starts with us--not the Greedy. Are you fine with that? Then begin by sharing what you have and fight the laws that prevent it. 

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